Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness

Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness

  • Категория: Health & Fitness
  • Дата выхода: 2015-12-17
  • Текущая версия: 3.17.1
  • Adult рейтинг: 4+
  • Размер файла: 161.30 MB
  • Разработчик: Asana Yoga GmbH
  • Совместимость: Требуется iOS 10.3 или выше.
  • Кол. оценок: 123

Описание приложения

Asana Rebel is the only Yoga Inspired Fitness app in the world. We are changing the way that women work out & stay healthy, by making the process fun! You’ll not only see the same fitness results as you would in a hardcore HIIT program, but at the same time you’ll feel relaxed & more confident than ever before. Asana Rebel makes sure that you only look good, but FEEL good too! YOGA INSPIRED FITNESS Mixing together traditional yoga with interval training to: ● Give you a strong, toned body ● Increase your energy on a daily basis ● Cut down on any unwanted body fat ● Clear your mind and leave you more relaxed than ever before YOUR COACH Our digital personal trainer who will: ● Help you to meet your personal fitness goals ● Motivate you as much as you need ● Encourage you with daily new workouts ● Personalize your fitness journey INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Our unique and powerful developments will: ● Make it more fun and easier to workout than ever before ● Update constantly to get you addicted to working out ● Offer you an interactive platform to deliver your fitness programs HOW IT WORKS By using Asana Rebel you will: ● Save time spent travelling to gyms, and following the status quo of fitness ● Have the luxury of working out, whenever you want, WHEREVER you want! ● Be motivated to do #yogaeverydamnday ● Have more money to treat yourself with, instead of spending it on traditional yoga classes or fitness centres ● Be at peace in your mind & strong in your body ● iMessage support, so you can share your completed workouts with family and friends ● Integrate with the Apple Health app: report your calories burned, weight and yoga workouts directly to Apple Health. Just give permissions when asked and all your workout data is automatically transferred to Apple Health every time you do a workout! (optional) WHAT EXTRAS DOES COACH OFFER? ● By upgrading to allow you full-access & the coach feature, you will get: ● Structured training plans for each week, helping you to live a healthy & active lifestyle ● The most motivating notifications to keep you on track & push you to meet your personal fitness goal ● Complete access to all programs (Fatburn, Fatburn II, Bikini Body, Core Strength and many more), workouts and daily exercises HOW TO USE THE APP & SUBSCRIPTION: The download and use of Asana Rebel is free. Get your Coach and all available workouts within the app as part of the monthly subscription. The subscription costs $37,99 for 3 month or $58,99 for 12 months. If you opt for the subscription, you pay the fixed price for your country which is displayed in the app. The subscription will be renewed automatically if it is not canceled within at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for each new term within 24 hours prior to the expiration of the current subscription. The current term of In-App subscriptions cannot be canceled. You can disable the automatic renewal via the iTunes account settings at anytime. Privacy policy of Asana Rebel: Terms and conditions of Asana Rebel:



  • Разводилы

    От Лагерта
    Абсолютно ничего бесплатного, навязывает свою подписку. Идите вы знаете куда?
  • Только одно упражнение бесплатно

    От syabro
    Без триала всего брать деньги за премиум, причём от 2000р за три месяца это перебор. Если нет демо значит впаривают какую-то хрень. 2 developers: if app doesn’t have a trial to test what I’m paying for it means app is crap. And no, one 5 minutes workout is not a demo
  • Crashes

    От Annie_mwr
    New update - and "sorry, an unknown error has occurred". Are you joking?
  • Asana rebel

    От Shuka15
    Вчера купила подписку на asana rebel годовую. Сегодня не могу зайти в приложение Куда обращаться за помощью?
  • Платно

    От 123bullshit321
    Бесплатно ничего недоступно: понять понравится ли невозможно
  • 👍🏻

    От Jilevka
    Отличное приложение, правда зависает после отправки отзыва 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Love the app New upload not so great

    От Kseniya_Solo
    Love this app! Doing it everyday! But in the new version I can’t skip intros and the calendar working a bit funny
  • Very nice and helpful

    От heysaturdaysun
    Hi guys, I want to thank you all at Asana Rebel team for this beautiful and inspiring app. I like all workouts and the music is good. My only remarks are: I noticed that the majority of exercises are meant for strengthening the core, be it the Flexibility or Strength program.. I’d love to see more emphasis made on other parts of the body. And second, maybe implement reminders for the program workouts? It’s easy to forget whether it’s the workout day when there’s no indication on the main screen, while current reminders work just as plain simple alarms for every day. Thanks!!
  • I have a problem.

    От Антон Морозенко
    Включил тренировку на часах - требует телефона. Включил на телефоне - на экране часов появился таймер и счётчик пульса. После занятия в приложении «активность» засчиталось 12 минут: 6 с часов, 6 с телефона... это проблема. Плюс, данные по калориям отличались на пару единиц. Самая главная проблема: полная зависимость от айфона - я не могу, гуляя по парку, включить приложение, и начать йогу. Если это исправят - куплю подписку. А пока буду пользоваться бесплатной версией, и искать более интегрированное приложение. P. S. Очень не хватает русского языка. После водки и балалайки так хочется заняться йогой! I enabled a training program on the Apple Watch - it says it requires an iPhone. I enabled it on the phone - a timer and a pulse counter appeared on the Watch screen. After training an “activity” application counted 12 minutes: 6 from the Watch and 6 from the iPhone ... it’s a problem. Also, the calorie data from the phone and from the watch differed slightly. The most important problem: full dependence on an iPhone - I can not walk in the park, turn on the application, and start yoga. If it's fixed, I'll buy a subscription. In the meantime, I will use the free version, and look for a more integrated application. P. S. It lacks Russian language much. After vodka and balalaika, I feel like doing yoga!
  • Норм

    От Vr_Vr
    Все нравится
  • Feedback

    От Jane1708
    Great app. Really enjoy it
  • Крепкая четверка.

    От ssssavina
    Приложение отличное, но если заниматься регулярно - устаёшь от однообразия, хотелось бы больше комбинаций и возможности поменять музыку.
  • 🤗

    От yourchiken
  • charged without approval

    От katifar
    Really liked the app, but wanted to just use the free trial. Had the same problem like angry yogin. App charged for the full version despite that i rejected the purchase 2 times. And actually charged more than a yearly subscription. The app hot unlocked though. Now waiting for a reply from the bank to cancel the purchase, if not will have to make an official complaint. Pity that such a nice app could allow such mistakes.
  • Фитнесс как йога

    От Nati NATO
    Приложение мне нравится:) с утра теперь только им пользуюсь для зарядки. Короткие тренировки как раз для тех, кто всегда не успевает.Минус в том, что все на английском, для большинства русскоговорящих будет многое непонятно.
  • That's a disgrace!

    От angry yogin
    Not only I was charged $60 completely out of the blue though I only requested the free trial, after the payment went through, the fitness programs DIDN'T UNLOCK! When I choose the program and try to unlock it, the app tries to charge me one more time. Dear guys in Support! Please get back to me and unlock the thing or I want a refund!!!
  • Слишком мало тренировок

    От Dnbkote
    Ожидала что-то похожее на приложение найк
  • Супер!

    От olkalolo
    Офигенное приложение!! Каждый день новые асаны, скачивайте и занимайтесь если нет времени на групповые занятия!
  • 👌🏼

    От Мэри4_86
  • Awesome app, use it everyday!

    От Sam крут
  • Great

    От Mak432
    For the first time in my life I really love to do exercises every morning and don't think how terribly I want to stop it.
  • Great app

    От Irmonny
    I would like to have also Russian language in the app, so I can be shure , that I am doing everything right.
  • ❤️❤️

    От My_victory77
    Очень полезное приложение
  • Thank you

    От marissa_sol
    Enjoying your app! Thank you!
  • Встроенные покупки

    От Veralubittebya
    То что приложение бесплатно для скачивания, не говорит о том, что оно бесплатное! Бесспорно идея хорошая: встроенные покупки для домашних тренировок. Бесплатного нет)
  • Татьяна

    От Floccinaucious
    Отличное приложение с приятным интерфейсом и интересными упражнениями. Пользуюсь с удовольствием!
  • Хорошее приложение

    От Eugénie1989
    Много различных программ, несколько постоянно бесплатных, одна из платных становится доступной на сутки, на следующие сутки другая.
  • Хорошее приложение

    От DNCE ❤️
    Приложение и в правду хорошое, удобный интерфейс и привлекательный дизайн. Среди бесплатных приложений для йоги- он лучшее❤️
  • Good app 👍

    От Milkyway90
    Это приложение заставило меня встать с дивана) предельно понятно и интересно заниматься. Жаль что много платного контента. Мне проще заплатить деньги за фитнес в студии. This app made me get up off the couch) very clear and interesting to do. It is a pity that a lot of paid content. I find it easier to pay money for the fitness Studio. But I like it 💪👍
  • Love the recent update

    От Fuegocastro
    When I first met Asana Rebel I was not excited at all. The interface was so so, the content was not bad, but in comparison to other apps there was no flow typical for yoga, no statistics except dots in the calendar and some bugs appeared from time to time. But as I had a full year subscription, I continued to drop in to the app once a week. But now I am totally impressed! Finally the interface is amazing! The bottom slider helps to see the timing of the particular exercise, thee is a count of all parts in the profile. Seeing how many strength, balance, cardio and flow exercises you have completed gives a strong motivation for further workouts. Asana rebel offers a huge variety of specially purpose designed programs and separate goal oriented sessions. I am now happy to be part of the streak! Thank you very much, guys for all your efforts!
  • Switch off the music

    От Figullka
    App is great but I think there is no need in background music for Savasana. It's distracting attention on body