Simple Habit - Meditation

Simple Habit - Meditation

  • Категория: Health & Fitness
  • Дата выхода: 2016-04-01
  • Текущая версия: 4.33.1
  • Adult рейтинг: 4+
  • Размер файла: 138.01 MB
  • Разработчик: Simple Habit, Inc.
  • Совместимость: Требуется iOS 10.0 или выше.
  • Кол. оценок: 395

Описание приложения

Simple Habit is the best meditation app for busy people. Meditate for just 5 minutes/day to reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, breathe easier, and more. Recommended by Apple and Business Insider. FEATURED ON *** Shark Tank Season Premiere October 2017 *** Business Insider’s "17 Hottest Startups Launched in 2016" June 2016 *** #1 in Apple’s "New Apps We Love” May 2016 *** #1 in Apple's "Health & Fitness - Meditation & Mindfulness" May 2016 *** Apple’s "10 Apps for Cooling Down" July 2016 *** Apple for “Simple Habit at School: Meditations for Students" August 2016 *** Apple Health's “Mindful Minutes Apps” September 2016 WHY SIMPLE HABIT? • Only 5-minutes per day to improve your life through stress relief and improved focus • New meditation guides by the world’s best teachers, from mindfulness experts at Google to former monks • Perfect for busy lifestyles - meditate with Simple Habit's On-the-Go feature to quickly calm your nerves and/or anxiety to achieve a sense of mindfulness • Guided meditations for specific symptoms (sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, and more) • Guided meditations for specific life situations to help you relax and calm down (wake-up, commute, tough day at work, and more) • Track your progress with Mindful Minutes • NEW! Access meditations offline with Premium subscription so you can meditate at any time BENEFITS OF MEDITATION • Improved focus throughout the day • Reduce stress and anxiety to stay calm and relaxed • Get a better night’s sleep to reduce stress and anxiety • Increased self-awareness and sense of perspective • Be an effective leader Breathe deeper and easier Increased sense of perspective Achieve mindfulness on the go • Calm down and relax at the end of a long day to get to sleep easier • Be a better listener through improved focus • Tackle different life challenges in a calm, focused manner • Enjoy better relationships • Be happier, more relaxed, and calm GET UNLIMITED ACCESS WITH PREMIUM • Monthly: $11.99/month • Yearly: $7.99/month, one payment of $95.99 billed every 12 months Simple Habit offers two auto-renewing subscription options to help you achieve mindfulness and breathe easier. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when a subscription is purchased. These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. APPLE HEALTH INTEGRATION New in Simple Habit for iOS 10: Optionally integrate your meditations with Apple Health by connecting your meditations with Mindful Minutes! Accept the prompt to allow Simple Habit to record your meditation minutes in Apple Health, or manually turn it on in Settings. CONNECT WITH SIMPLE HABIT Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Got any questions or feedback? Reach out to us at Thanks for using Simple Habit :) Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions -



  • Деньги

    От люба пот вдв
    Сначала надо заполнить кучу разных опросов, потом предлагает купить программу за 7т
  • Year payment

    От meowmorn
    I don’t understand why they provided write-offs for 6500rubles!!!? Give my money back
  • Surprisingly effective

    От Possum Li
    Реально отличное приложение, я чувствую себя лучше после нескольких дней использования подряд. Не собиралась сначала платить 6000 за него, но теперь совсем не против, оно того стоит (кстати, это всего 3₽ в минуту, если пользоваться каждый день по 5 минут, если я правильно посчитала). Several days of these meditations have actually improved my mood and overall sense of well-being. Wasn't intending to buy the yearly subscription, but now it seems a good idea all of a sudden ✨
  • nice

    От najpanina
    good app, i can see where dies the price come from. a lot of different meditations, nature sounds etc. if you’re willing to try meditating this app is for you
  • Very good selection of meditations, but improvements could be made

    От Dina[1]
    The app is very effective and there is a great selection of stuff. 1) but the music at the end of every track is very disruptive when it comes to sleep meditations, as I find it wakes me up every time. It would be a good improvement to remove it from sleep meditations. 2) if you follow app’s notification from the home screen once, you cannot access them again from ‘within’ the app. It would be useful to keep track of them in the personalized feed tab.
  • Thank you

    От Vladlightman
    Very nice, easy to use app. Don’t about premium features, starter pack is really enough for me as newbie in meditation :)
  • Great app

    От Just another random nickname
    Great app for meditation. Helped me a lot in the past two weeks!
  • Days counter is strange

    От йцукен777
    Unfortunately, I can’t attach screenshot here but believe me - this counters do some strange things. For example, meditation “Calm nerves” that includes one session shows “Day 58085(and several numbers here, which I don’t want to memorize and print here)”. So, it’s not Day 1. Please, check these counters. I’ve meet such error in different meditations.
  • Too much expensive for Russia and no monthly payment

    От Алена Пименова
    Even Apple Music in 5 times cheaper. I canceled the payment too late and the app take my money with no asking. I don’t use the app after downloading even. How can I cancel the whole year payment?!
  • I enjoy it

    От eer007
    Though I consider the price way to high for the Russian market I would still pay it because so far it is the best mindfulness app I’ve tried.
  • In love

    От Cacatúa53737271891
    Hi! This app is wonderful. And since it helped me so much, I would like to see you working with specialists all around the world, so people who don know English can follow the instructions. For real the app is amazing. But we need more languages. Thanks!
  • Awesome

    От Erkenovv
    Amazing app
  • На андроиде лучше

    От ksu-sko
    Очень крупные блоки, приходится много прокручивать. Про высокую стоимость здесь уже много сказано, но отдельно стоит отметить, что количество бесплатных занятий на андроиде в разы больше. Например, сессия «sleep better» полностью бесплатна на андроиде, а на iOS бесплатны только первые две медитации. Конечно, я буду слушать бесплатно с другого устройства.
  • My view

    От Sofia Sinse
    The best I’ve ever heard. Felling like they know me and love with all my problems. The best is Cory Muscara. Can I marry him, pls.
  • Отличное приложение для медитации

    От Куличев Владислав
    Много бесплатного контента, всегда приятные голоса. Система уровней и награждений вообще гениально для данного рода приложений, затягивает заниматься каждый день! Рекомендую всем 😋
  • Лучшее на мой взгляд приложение для медитации.

    От Гос. Секретарь
    Лучшее на мой взгляд приложение для медитации. Точка.
  • Return ‘remove from continue playing’ feature

    От aliinaboleyn
    Your app is a great help but this new layout sucks. When I’m done with a series of meditation I want to remove it from my ‘continue playing’ list. I could do that before, but now I can’t find this option. Now all my old series that I finished pile up in this list.
  • Лучшее приложение для медитации

    От Vitlive
    Очень сильно мотивирует останавливаться каждый день, делать паузу и посвящать 20 минут своему внутреннему состоянию!
  • Само перешло в PRO версию

    От Okath
    Установила приложение. Не понравилось - удалила. Через месяц приходит смс о списании на 6 тыщ. Карту банк сразу заблокировал, распознав операцию как подозрительную. Восстановить карту не смогла. Но приложение продолжает попытки списания у меня 6000 рублей.
  • Super!

    От Sukkel_voor_de_liefde
    I enjoy these meditations. Very good app, easy to use. So big choice of meditation, this is very cool! Thank you to creators of this app! However, quite expensive for the whole year. This is sad.
  • Amazing

    От Swaggieboyz
    Girl voice of the Starter Course just incredible and hypnotic. What is her name?
  • Нет русского языка

    От Ралщавдо
    Нет русского языка
  • Simple Habit

    От Donbass2010
    Нет русского🇷🇺 языка !
  • Верните колесо загрузки! Return the wheel!

    От --/..₽&@
    О-О-Очень быстро уснул под экран загрузки, думая, что это-сама медитация. А вот этот текст - просто ужас! Верните колесо загрузки в «on the go!!!» Oh-Oh. Very quickly fell asleep under the boot screen, thinking that this is meditation itself. But this text is simply horror! Return the wheel to "on the go !!!"
  • Really cool

    От Nsu4kova
    So, that’s really cool app. But so much payment for full version. Pretty thing: day I finished my relationship with boyfriend I was gifted Pro version for one day. In Pro version I found meditation “Get over an Ex”.
  • Great!

    От Gau8bitsa
    Love it a lot. Never gonna buy a premium, tho:D
  • Good, but too expensive

    От Mindcore123
    Especially for Russia. Would there be a "country-localized" pricing solutions? But still, it is the kind and easy way to work out a habit to meditate. Pure and simple. Thanks!
  • Awesome time for yourself

    От Kikimora_Jen
    It's a cool app, and it helped me to feel more concentrated during the day 👍🏻
  • Отличное приложение для медитаций

    От Fily210
    Мне очень понравились программы в этом приложении. Было бы подешевле, только
  • Great app

    От kateisafox
    I strongly recommend you to take meditation every day and this is a great app to help you
  • Vyacheslav

    От Selvig80
    Not bad at all.
  • Amazing app

    От DevLearner2015alpha
    Thank you so much for such amazing application. This is really helpful for my everyday meditation, especially the voice of the women in Starter Course. :) Thank you.
  • Прекрасно!

    От Slavsos
    Ребята, просто начните, это бесподобный опыт!
  • Nice app

    От Zalamid
    I am seeing results after 3rd use
  • ❤❤❤

    От Azaliyaabdulova
  • Calming

    От Cуповой набор
    I like this app. The voices are soothing and the timing of the phrases really makes me comfortable. I like the separate categories of meditation but I wish there was a way for me to test each one to see if the quite large sum that the full app costs is worth it.
  • Good app to start your meditation practice

    От Veletskaya
    Nice and soft, clear guide to action. Really joyful. Thank you!
  • One of the best apps for meditation

    От Katalika
    I really enjoy it
  • Thanks

    От D E S I R E
    Great apps. Helps to calm my nerves when needed!
  • Like it

    От Flow_an
    I am using app for a week. It's very comforting, I like it for sure. Have some troubles with synchronization with apple healt, the app not writing data every day. Hope it will be fixed.
  • Great app for meditation

    От Lena_1980
    It's a great organized app, that includes short tracks for beginners and more long records for different situations. Tracks are thoughtfully recorded and motivate to keep up.
  • Easy relaxation

    От Pasmikh
    It is really easy and enjoying to follow speakers. However, I prefer a bit longer sessions.
  • Calm

    От Anton_Gorodetsky
    Crisp, clear instructions, and nice voice guidance