отсчет дней! праздник времени

отсчет дней! праздник времени

  • Категория: Lifestyle
  • Дата выхода: 2016-09-06
  • Текущая версия: 1.9.1
  • Adult рейтинг: 4+
  • Размер файла: 71.33 MB
  • Разработчик: Carolina Platti
  • Совместимость: Требуется iOS 10.3 или выше.
  • Кол. оценок: 217

Описание приложения

Ever wanted to keep track of the days missing to an important deadline or event? Discover COUNTDOWN! With this app you'll be able to track the progress through the events you care and share the joy of waiting with all your friends! The app allows you to create a custom website for your countdowns and be able to share it with everyone, despite the device they're using! Also, you'll be able to see all your countdowns in the notification center of your phone! Create Countdowns for the most important days in your life, your wedding, birthday, spring break, whatever you want! Create an advanced website with a live countdown in no time, ready to be shared with all your friends! Compatible with all devices, all messaging apps, all social networks, everything! Display your favourite countdowns right in the notifications center widget. You'll be able to check them easily whenever you want without having to open the app! Customize every detail and chose from 700+ wallpapers and tons of special decorations for your special day countdown. Very simple to use too, no useless stuff. Craft a gorgeous countdown in less than 30 seconds. Guaranteed. Commit to some new goal, give yourself a deadline and share it with the world. You will not fail! Build good habits and eliminate the bad ones, a countdown works magic! Track every day you care: parties, birthday, easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, you anniversary, the day your vacations start, the day you'll receive your brand new car. Count days, hours minutes and even seconds to the big moment you're waiting for! Main Features: - Incredibly simple to use. 3 steps and your countdown is done. And it's gonna be Legen... wait for it... dary! LEGENDARY! - Create unlimited custom made countdowns on your device. - Create custom websites with your countdowns. You can share them with your friends and the countdown will update LIVE! - Choose from a set of 700+ awesome, super high quality wallpapers as backgrounds. - Big set of countdown decorations, growing with new decorations soon! ----- Terms Of Service for the Subscription: In order to unlock all content in the app you may need to subscribe to the service. There is a free trial period so that you can fully evaluate if you like the app and the premium content before making any commitment. This is to help me pay development costs and provide new features, fix bugs, provide better content and so on. Here are a few details on the subscription itself: - Free trial: You can use the app for free for trial period. After that period you can subscribe to have full access to the app. Non used free trial period will be forfeited - Subscription is auto-renewable. It will renew automatically 24h before expiration and it will be billed to your iTunes Account - You can cancel from the subscription anytime from settings > Your Name > iTunes & App Store > Apple Id > Subscriptions - When cancelling, the subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled but the current subscription period will not be refunded. Support Page (and instructions on how to manage your subscriptions!): https://www.countdownapps.com/support.html Privacy Policy: https://www.countdownapps.com/privacy.html Terms Of Service: https://www.countdownapps.com/terms.html



  • Работает только после оплаты

    От Shizgara.net
    Ни как не работает без оплаты
  • Подписка

    От linevosava54
    Приложение удалил, а деньги снимают, как отменить подписку?
  • -

    От Arisuchan111111111111111111
    Бред полный, 3 дня пробная версия, потом 120 р за неделю.
  • Обман

    От Parex77
    Сразу после установки хочет списать деньги!
  • Не поняла как снялись деньги

    От kykurux
    Как отписаться от подписки, не понятно за что и когда снялись деньги, я удалила приложение сразу после установки, а деньги все равно снялись, как теперь отменить эту подписку
  • Ужасная прога за необоснованные деньги

    От 26665432356
    Как отменить эту долбаную подписку???
  • 2$ в неделю?!

    От Bardiskull
    Подписка 2 доллара в неделю это как-то перебор :)
  • Круто

    От el_ismayilov
    Нашёл то, что искал. Очень крутое приложения для отчета дней
  • Приложение на английском языке

    От ksenia582910
    Зачем делать в поиске русскоязычное название приложения , если по итогу оно у вас на английском🙈
  • Русификация

    От Shefgeo
    Приложение на английском, пишете что на русском языке
  • Ok

    От Makamanaak
    Pretty ok
  • Мило, но безполезно

    От Селфиняшка☺️✨
    Скачала за неимением аналогов данного приложения, нужен был отсчёт времени, сколько я уже не ем после 18:00