Little Red Riding Hood's Forest Adventures

Little Red Riding Hood's Forest Adventures

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  • Дата выхода: 2017-08-20
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Описание приложения

Qdlearn develops children’s educational games that helps immerse children in a world of literature and wonder. Children rely on literature to read, appreciate, and accept. They will feel psychologically satisfied with the work, the spirit of the beauty of the influence of its thoughts and feelings and mental outlook have a positive impact, and thus transformed into a role in material power. Often also known as the aesthetic education of children's literature. Children will learn to love literature. Reading can help children know love, understand love, have love. Children's literature is true literature. It teaches children to pursue ideas. It can fully meet the aesthetic needs of children, guide children to create beautiful; Children's literature is a happy literature, it gives children a positive and optimistic life tone and happy happy childhood. Children's literature is not only an indispensable spiritual food in his or her life, but also has an important position and role in family education. Children's literature is the main content of learning materials, is the ideological and moral education image of the vivid textbooks, encyclopedia of knowledge is an effective supplement, and is an important means of thinking ability training. Fairy tale is the main manifestation of children's literature. Fairy tales are passed from generation to generation. Fairy tales carry forward the truth and beauty and triumph evil. The plot is simple. The characters are interesting. Children become deeply attached. Understanding of the word is not much, understanding is also very limited, this time parents may wish to let the children their own simulation of the hero in the game, to experience the game itself, the parents and the story and the children to explain, so that children can not only remember the fairy tale, but also to manage the story, so that each fairy tale, every story, all in the child's mind, leaving a good impression. Fairy tale with the progress of the times are constantly glowing new vitality, from the beginning of the dictation, to the books, to the picture books, to the radio, to the film, to television, fairy tales lasting theme has always been strong vitality affect generation. Of the children, in the game art popular times, children's culture famous game came into being, so that the majority of children with their own experience to feel the fairy tale, control the fairy tale story, write a new chapter of fairy tale. Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale tells the story of the Little Red Riding Hood in accordance with the instructions of the mother, the bread sent to the depths of the forest grandmother's story, along the way encountered dense forests, beautiful wild flowers, rugged paths, good uncle, kind grandmother, but also Dangerous Cunning Gray Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood how to go astray, looking for help, relying on wit, to resolve the trap, sent to the grandmother's story.