EasyN IP Control

EasyN IP Control

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  • Дата выхода: 2010-09-21
  • Текущая версия: 1.13
  • Adult рейтинг: 4+
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  • Разработчик: The Convenience Factory B.V.
  • Совместимость: Требуется iOS 3.1.2 или выше.
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Описание приложения

*** The only one official EasyN IP camera app! *** With this app you can remotely view and control your EasyN IP camera from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. From wherever you are*! You can use it for example for home security (is someone breaking into your home?), home automation (did I leave the lights on?) or to watch your little baby kid while it sleeps. *WORKS VIA WIFI AND 3G* *PLEASE NOTE WHEN ACCESSING THE CAMERA FROM OUTSIDE YOUR NETWORK: EASYN OFFERS ITS OWN DYNAMIC DNS SERVICES, I'VE SEEN CASES THESE SERVICES BEING UNREACHABLE FOR LONGER PERIODS. IN THAT CASE USE THE IP ADDRESS OR A DIFFERENT DYNAMIC DNS SERVICE INSTEAD -> I’M WORKING ON TO FIX THIS FOR THE NEXT UPDATE* --------------------------- FEATURES --------------------------- - View the live video feed of your cameras - Control the cameras in all 8 directions (if supported by the camera) - Supports preset camera positions (when your camera supports it) - Supports motion detection (when your camera supports it) - Supports sending mail on motion detection (when your camera supports it) - Zoom in and out on the image by pinching (even when your camera doesn't support zoom) - Fullscreen by rotating the device to a landscape position - Fullscreen controls - Swipe in fullscreen view to select another camera, this only work when not zoomed in (double tap to zoom to 100%) - Take snapshots and save it to your camera roll or send them as E-mail - Adjust brightness/contrast - Mirror and flip is taken into account (so the controls will still work intuitively, even when the camera is mounted to a ceiling for example) - Adjust brightness and contrast - Multiple camera support (up to 144 cameras) - Mosaic view for showing 4 cameras (in landscape) and 6 cameras (in portrait) simultaneously - Swipe in mosaic view to view more other cameras - Possibility to lock PTZ controls and/or rotation - iOS 4 tested and supported - Taking full advantage of retina display on iPhone 4 --------------------------- HOW TO USE --------------------------- - Use the controls on the screen: tap and hold to move the camera into that direction, release to stop the motion. - Rotate the screen to view the image fullscreen, swipe in fullscreen (when not zoomed in) to select another camera - Rotate in mosaic view to show the mosaic in fullscreen. Swipe mosaic view to show more. - Use the pinch gesture on the image to zoom in and out, double tap to restore to the original size. - In the fullscreen view tap the top of the screen to show a menu with extra options -------------------------------------------------- SUPPORTED CAMERAS -------------------------------------------------- EasyN models that are supported: FS-618A-M136, FS-613A-M136, FS-608A-M046, FS-608A-M101, FS-603A-M001, FS-608A-M001, FS-603A-M106, FS-608A-M106, FS-608A-M002, FS-608A-M102, FS-608A-M505, FS-603A-M505, FS-603A-M405, FS-608A-M405, FS-608A-M112, FS-618A-M046 and FS-608A-M105 and probably any other MJPEG compatible EasyN IP camera. For a complete list check http://www.ruwebit.net/easyn/faq/ Please note that this app is ONLY compatible with EasyN cameras, cameras of other brands are not supported. *** NOTE THAT NOT ALL FEATURES WILL WORK WITH ALL CAMERA MODELS *** *3G or wireless network connection required, for use outside your home network you'll need to setup portforwarding on your router, see the FAQ. Please note that I'm an independent developer, I made this app commissioned by EasyN.



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    iPhone 6 (iOS 9.0.2) не работает. До 9 версии все отлично функционировало. Исправте пожалуйста. И на iPad не помешала бы версия.
  • Where sound from ip camera?

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    My ip camera Easyn FS. What type select?
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    Как подключить h7? Почему не работает сайт производителя? How to connect the h7? Why is the site of the manufacturer?
  • All camera functions

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    are provided in user friendly interface. Like it.
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    Please make iPad version