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Описание приложения

Business trip in China? Studies in the US? A negotiation with the French? Are you prepared to deal with these new cultures? Whether you are going to work, teach or study in another country or you are simply dealing with people from different national backgrounds, the Culture Compass™ can help you! Culture Compass™ gives you useful insights towards the cultural differences that exist between countries based on Geert Hofstede’s scientifically validated model on national cultures consisting of 6 dimensions: Power distance Individualism vs. Collectivism Masculinity Uncertainty avoidance Pragmatism Indulgence versus restraint For free: Country to country comparison with more than 100 countries plus explanations of the model. In-app purchase: Compare your personal cultural preferences with the score of the country of your choice and get personalized and targeted guidance according to your function (choose between subordinate, superior, negotiator, knowledge transfer, and visitor/student). After the onetime purchase you can compare your profile to as many countries as you like.