NumBuster. Real Caller Name ID

NumBuster. Real Caller Name ID

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  • Дата выхода: 2017-11-17
  • Текущая версия: 4.2.2
  • Adult рейтинг: 17+
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  • Разработчик: GILRAEN LTD
  • Совместимость: Требуется iOS 12.0 или выше.
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Описание приложения

- checking the phone number before you answer the call thanks to the database of scammers and spammers on your iPhone (1.9 million entries), do not forget to update this list inside the application! This is an option of the Automatic Phone Number Identifier - true and real time Caller ID and free blacklist Block calls from numbers by your choice SMS block by numbers and contained text - Access to ALL NumBuster data about phone numbers is possible ONLY through the search bar by number within the app or when you use the function “share contact in NumBuster” from your call log in iPhone - you can see how this telephone number is called by other people - you can send a request to any NumBuster User in your contacts - and find your mutual acquaintances! Who are your mutual friends? It's useful, safe and just fun! - you can find out the name who is calling from an unfamiliar incoming phone number, the caller ID works thanks to an anonymous exchange of knowledge about telephone numbers between all NumBuster Users! - protection from fraudsters, advertising (spam), from collectors, car dealers, dealers, intruders - check the number according to current online data NumBuster true id caller name - professional solution for your protection. In addition to combating telephone fraudsters, advertising, surveys, dealers and financial pyramids, NumBuster constantly learns and informs you about phone numbers: - banks - shops - car dealerships - insurance companies - collectors - robocalls Including virtual phone numbers, under which employees of companies and fraudsters are trying to hide! With the help of the call number identifier you can find out whose phone number is calling and to whom it belongs, our social caller id allows you to find the name by phone number and understand where the call comes from, who is calling from an unfamiliar phone number and from where. - The program takes into account the experience of hundreds of thousands of Users and allows you to identify most unwanted calls and sms with advertising and scammers PC Magazine / RE: "NumBuster - App of the Year 2015!" IMPORTANT - Your phone number will still be able to see ONLY for those you call yourself - we carefully protect your data, contact lists and call log from intruders and are not using these in any wrong behaviour - Numbuster does not cooperate with banks, data collection agencies, marketers and other scammers. NumBuster works for their victims, and not vice versa! - No one can find out your phone number! No name search in the app! - No one, including Moderators, can even theoretically access your data and the contents of your contacts. Its prohibited for evereyone. - our User Agreement: The application has paid features! • Payment for them occurs when you confirm the purchase in iTunes • subscriptions auto-renew if you don’t cancel them 24 hours before they end • your account will be charged the amount of payment for a subscription 24 hours before its termination, if you do not turn it off • auto-renewal of a subscription can be turned off in the Settings of your iTunes Account. Facebook: There are no applications for smartphones capable of "hacking" the service of telecom operators, allowing you to call from a "hidden", "unknown" or "anonymous" number! 1) Enable call forwarding on your smartphone 2) Set up the function so that the redirection is triggered when your number is “unavailable” or “busy”. 3) In the settings of this function, enter the phone number of another smartphone (your friend or relative, who is usually with you). 4) Now, when an incoming call from the "hidden" drop the call without picking up the phone 5) The call is immediately forwarded to the number that you specified in the function settings. 6) You will see on the screen of the second smartphone a REAL number =)