Earnings Rules

Earnings Rules

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  • Дата выхода: 2019-03-21
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Описание приложения

Tired of not being consistent on your Earnings trading? Do you know that earnings releases are very risky, but when you have a plan and rules it becomes like picking a low-hanging fruit. The Earnings Rules App offers a decision tree to help you follow simple rules that can lead to a high probability profit via the stock's price action. To compete, you need your rules to keep you as discipline as possible and out of trouble. Many professional traders and speculators have their systems and plan before jumping into any type of decision. The truth is if you keep trading simple, you can identified and see how the variables aligned to your favor. For example, you will see that when the EPS is a beat, Rev/Sales is a beat and the guidance of a company is raised, the outcome brings high volume and a very positive price action. Why did we make this app? Through our experience of not knowing what to look for and not finding a simple tool in the market to trade earnings without spending thousands of dollars, we created it. My friends and people in my media social group had an issue losing money and staying consistent-of-course on the winning side. We needed to have a tool/trading system that keeps associated information of the stock in focus and a visual decision process that’s relative to a traffic light to help the components of the brain easily detect a decision making signal on the direction of the price action as a high probability outcome. Many newbies ask the question of why is Earnings Season so tricky and volatile? Earnings become tricky and dangerous when you anticipate the move without having the proper information and not being prepare/proactive with the values Wall Street's analysts estimated. The volatility is considerable because you have many participants waiting for the company's earnings to be reported. Volatility is also the result of High Frequency Trading (HFT) machines that are ready to execute when they see values within their set algorithms. Some feature highlights: · Decision Tree model to support tool To help our mind decide, we use a decision tree tool to breakdown a complex event, in this case, an earning's announcement. Using this feature helps reduce a reaction approach and provides a better map/mindset which allows you to achive a better outcome. · Data and Details Search and display the stocks information to include historical eps, date reported, last fiscal quarter (such as Q2, helping you understand what quarter you are currently in and what the company is forecasting), open/close price, volume, and more. · Manual Entries The madness of manual entries have a purpose, it helps the user focus and research the stocks in focus. The Earnings Rules app allows you to enter the forecasted earning per share (EPS) and the Revenue/Sales. This helps you have the values at hand and you are prepared for the company to report. Ready to start investing with a tool that ensures you have a plan. The Earnings Rules app is for you. Disclaimer: wtech22, LLC and employees will not be liable for any risk you or your company may incur. We encourages you to perform your own research before making any investment decision, and to avoid investing in any financial instrument which you do not fully understand how it works and what are the risks involved.