Quiztones: Ear Training for EQ

Quiztones: Ear Training for EQ

  • Категория: Music
  • Дата выхода: 2011-11-29
  • Текущая версия: 1.5.7
  • Adult рейтинг: 4+
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  • Разработчик: The Pro Audio Files
  • Совместимость: Требуется iOS 10.11.0 или выше.
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Описание приложения

Train your ears to recognize boosts and cuts in frequency and take your mixes, recordings and productions to the next level with Quiztones EQ ear training for audio engineers, producers and musicians. Quiztones uses tones and frequency-altered noise and musical loops (including source material from your own music library) to train your ears so you can intuitively identify frequency boosts, cuts and changes in level and develop more acute listening, EQ and frequency recognition skills. Quiztones will... • Improve your mixing, recording and EQ'ing chops • Sharpen your ears and frequency recognition skills • Help you achieve clarity in your mixes and recordings • Develop an intuition for which frequencies to boost or cut • Learn how to identify and remove problematic frequencies • Help you identify and eliminate PA system feedback for live sound • Remove the need to sweep for frequencies in a mix • Help you get cleaner mixes by learning to use EQ like a pro Quiztones cleverly uses quizzes to guide you through various training exercises, and lets you track your progress with a built-in score log. Each EQ quiz includes four trainers: • Easy frequency boost (+10 dB) • Hard frequency boost (+5 dB) • Hard frequency cut (-10 dB) • Expert frequency boost (+5 dB – 1/3 octave) Quizzes: • iTunes/Music Library • Tones • Pink Noise • Piano • Drums • Strings • Strings 2 • Orchestra • Electric Bass • Upright Bass • Female Vocals • Electric Guitar • Acoustic Guitar Each gain level comparison quiz includes two difficulty levels. — Testimonials: "Turns out, this app offers everything offered in that Berklee class of mine… in an app!" - Damian Erskine, No Treble “The Quiztones app is far and away the best app I've purchased. It's an incredible tool for all audio engineers and musicians ... My mixing has improved by leaps and bounds after just a few weeks with Quiztones.” - Austin McAllister A professional Audio Engineer of 10 years, I've come across many ear training devices, blind tests, and software. This app is TOPS! Highly recommended! The developers are serious about what they do. You will not be disappointed! - Joel Avery — Why We Created Quiztones EQ Ear Training Apps... We thought there should be an easier way to learn how to use EQ, train your ears and expedite the path to getting professional quality mixes, recordings and productions. When I was at music school ten years ago studying audio engineering and music production, my teacher turned an iMac around, pulled up an EQ in Pro Tools and started quizzing the class on which audio frequencies he was boosting or cutting in a mix. That's when it hit me — this should be an app, with various difficulty levels, a scoring system and the ability to import your own source material for quizzes that will teach you how to use EQ like a pro. Fast forward to today — 50k app downloads later — and we're still just as excited to keep evolving Quiztones to help you take your mixes, recordings and productions to the next level.



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    От pdolgov
    Класс! Раньше делал проект в Logic где постоянно перемешивал разные плагины по всему микшеру и сам себя проверял) теперь разминка перед рабочим днем стала легче и приятнее. На будущее пожелание к разработчикам - нужно сделать раздел с компрессией. и вообще не мешало бы взять все опции как в аудиокурсе "golden ears" но пока что и этого достаточно! Спасибо!
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    От Дмитрий Мосс
    Очень доволен покупкой! Отличный тренинг слуха для саунд-инженеров и аранжировщиков!