• Категория: Music
  • Дата выхода: 2011-12-16
  • Текущая версия: 2.4.6
  • Adult рейтинг: 4+
  • Размер файла: 69.56 MB
  • Разработчик: PolyNome Ltd
  • Совместимость: Требуется iOS 10.3 или выше.
  • Кол. оценок: 35

Описание приложения

PolyNome gives you all the tools you need for practice, teaching, rhythm composing, and live performance. The free Public Library provides hundreds of user-created Presets and practice routines to inspire you. Please note: PolyNome Pro (also available on the App Store) is the exact same app, but with the Pro features already enabled. This version of the app requires an in-app purchase if you wish to enable the Pro Features (see below for details) BENEFITS: ------------ • Practice with full drum grooves instead of a boring click • Program drum line parts with flams, drags, ties and rolls • Download 100s of Presets and Playlists from the Public Library • Share Presets/Playlists with friends/students (a great tool for music teachers) • Create and print setlists and use it to count off songs. • Upgrade to Pro and get voice counting, Konnakol, 6-octave keyboard, and more FEATURES: ------------- • Faders for 16th notes, triplets • Super fast tempo entry and Tap Tempo • BIG NUMBERS • Flams, Drags, Ruffs, Diddles, Rolls, Ties, Accents • Haptic pulse (on supported devices) • 2 fully programmable metronomes (any rhythm, sound, accent combinations) • Program ANY rhythm from a simple click to a full groove (per metronome) • Save your work as Presets • Sorting, searching, and labelling helps keep your library tidy • Variable swing setting • Any time signature • Auto stop with rep counter • Countdown timer with alarm • Practice Events are logged. You can add notes to your events • Subdivisions from whole note to 32nd notes with EVERYTHING in between • Smart Volume mixer • Audiobus compatible • AirTurn bluetooth pedal compatible PRO FEATURES (available with in-app update) ----------------------------- • 150+ more sounds, including DrumLine • 6 Octave Piano Keyboard for creating quick melodic ideas • Konnakol Entry! • Import setlists from Tempo or Tempo Adv Playlists ---------- • Create band setlists with count-offs and song notes • If you enter the lengths of the songs, PolyNome calculates the set length as you add them! • Email or AirPrint perfectly formatted band set-lists right from PolyNome • Create songs/clicks with multiple tempos or time signatures • Create a "Cue Track" by turning on Auto Announce. This will announce each new item when it starts (or 1 bar before if you prefer) • Create practice routines • Auto tempo change options for creating quick warm-up/cool-down routines • Tempo Boundaries allow you to automatically increase/decrease bpm between set tempos Voice Counting ------------------- • Advanced voice counting helps you when working on odd-time signatures • Subdivision counting for 16th notes, triplets, or 8th notes Practice Log --------------- • PolyNome logs each preset you play, how long you played it for, and the tempo at which you played it • View statistics and graphs showing you what you need to work on the most • Add notes to the Daily Practice Log to help you remember how a practice session went Random Muting -------------------- • Test your timing with random muting of notes or bars PolyNome is used by the world's top musicians including Peter Erskine, Virgil Donati, Chris Coleman, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers and Will Lee. What people are saying about PolyNome: ------ Peter Erskine (Steely Dan, Weather Report, Steps Ahead, Kate Bush): “PolyNome is great for teaching, practicing and rehearsing. Tempo input by way of the number pad is a terrific feature, and the subdivision possibilities are endless. Plus, this is the only metronome I’ve used that you can actually LEARN from. Simple and brilliant: simply brilliant.” Will Lee says... "Wow! Polynome is a brilliant tool for drummers and any musician! It allows you to understand precisely what subdivisions among bars of time feel like, teaches you the drum rudiments, and so much more. I love "time check" where it'll leave bars of silence in between bars of click to see if your groove stays in time. One of the best apps for your toolkit!"



  • 5
    От Van Dallas
    This metronome has it all: you can really practice in any timing and any rhythmical pattern, you can pick sounds for any subdivision and basically adjust anything you want. At the same time it’s totally user-friendly. I just think that an app this good should have a better looking design. Redesigning the interface would make it even cooler and fun to use. I sincerely recommend this to all the musicians out there.
  • 4
    От Eremeev Artem
    Add Russian language!
  • 5
    От Lars.moscow
    It worth every penny! I've been trying many different metronomes last 5 years this by far the best you can find on store. Can't imagine my practicing without it
  • 5
    От Rothmans73
    Отличное приложение! Пользуюсь постоянно, спасибо разработчикам.
  • 1
    От DjPankratov
    Но что бы нормально пользоваться Приложением надо заплатить 469 рублей. Даже не сохранить свой пресет((((
  • 1
    От Fenixcz
    Я думаю, вы занимаетесь фигней. Да, вы улучшили приложение, да добавили пару новых и хороших функций, но за это еще 10 баксов?! Я уже платил за приложения, или переводите на русский или убирайте его вовсе. 600 рублей оно не стоит.
  • 1
    От Pleb. Nuff
    What's wrong with you? the program been paid, I bought it. I admit, she's wonderful. Now it is free and you are again asking for money. You could at least leave some of the functions that have been paid. Now I must to buy it again, that would just open the practice log. In my country, it is not cheap. It's not fair.
  • 5
    От Я12345
    Nice app, includes all Features you may Need.
  • 5
    От Tokarif
    Very very beautiful most beautiful! The best program! Thanks you!
  • 1
    От Yegor24
    App layout is screwed up after update ( I am on ios 6). My favorite metronome became glitchy and I can't restore the old version of the app. How frustrating! It is possible to crash an app by setting negative bpm values:)
  • 3
    От Artemiy76
    Вылетает после 3-4 минут работы. Crushed after 3-4 minutes! Fix it!
  • 5
    От DrummerV1
    Лучший метроном для барабанщика!
  • 5
    От Синица Павел
    Просто и понятно!
  • 5
    От MChooо
    Еще бы русский язык добавили, а то не все понятно
  • 5
    Шняга для музыкантов
  • 5
    От Roooomasha
  • 5
    От Ivan_ef
    great functionality! but i would like to choose accents not only by volume changing but also by sound change.