Purple Pink Chinese Food

Purple Pink Chinese Food

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  • Дата выхода: 2019-03-12
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Описание приложения

With the success of the Japanese restaurant, Purple Pink opened a Chinese Restaurant! Customers in the Papo World will order their favorite food, and you will assist Purple to prepare the dishes for them! The materials of Chinese cuisines are of a broad range including seafood, vegetables and meat. Frying, toasting, steaming, boiling and simmering, different ingredients requires different cooking techniques. Let’s learn how to make delicious traditional Chinese dishes! Work as a little chef for Purple and cook the cuisine step by step! The recipes are varied from classic delicacies to specialty snacks. You will see how to cook the most popular dishes around the world, like Gongbao chicken, mapo tofu, dumplings, egg fried rice, spring rolls, stewed prawns, fish flavored shredded pork with sauce and other cuisines! It is a great game to learn about common ingredients and get familiar with the basic kitchenware! Enjoy the wonderful combination of different ingredients! There are more than 50 fresh ingredients including carrots, cucumbers, tofu, pork, cabbage, eggs, mushrooms, shrimp, tomatoes, beef and so on! Add different seasonings like pepper, soy sauce, salt, vinegar, bean paste and black pepper to achieve the perfect taste. Serve the dishes to your customers and observe their interesting reactions! Will they come back again? Let’s see! Features • Easy operations • Gorgeous Chinese décor • 10 Chinese cuisine recipes! • More than 50 ingredients! • 6 seasonings for richer flavors! • Hilarious customer response! • Vivid Animations! • No Wi-Fi needed. It could be played anywhere! This version of Purple Pink Chinese Food is free to download. Unlock more recipes through in-app purchase. Once complete the purchase, it will be permanently unlocked and bound with your account. If there are any questions during the purchase and playing, feel free to contact us via [email protected] [About Papo World] Papo World aims to create a relaxed, harmonious and enjoyable game play environment to stimulate children's curiosity and interest in learning. Focused on games and supplemented by fun animated episodes, our preschool digital educational products are tailored for children. Through experiential and immersive gameplay, kids could develop healthy living habits and arise curiosity and creativity. Discover and inspire talents of every child! 【contact us】 Mailbox: [email protected] website: https://www.papoworld.com Face book: https://www.facebook.com/PapoWorld/



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