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Описание приложения

Understand the events shaping our world with the Guardian. Never miss breaking news, dive into diverse opinion pieces, follow stories minute-by-minute with our dynamic live blogs, from world news and politics to business news and sport. The Guardian news app is free to download and offers you a beautiful, intuitive mobile experience, so you can read, watch and listen to our independent reporting whenever it suits you. To give you a taste of our app, we’re offering you free access to a limited number of articles, which refreshes on a regular basis. If you’re a regular reader, you might consider subscribing. Subscribe to get full access to Guardian articles in our app, so you can read quality, international journalism with no restrictions. Why download today? Enjoy a generous number of articles every month for free, before we ask you to subscribe Receive breaking news alerts, so you’ll never miss a story Save articles to read later, creating your own reading list Make our homepage your own by choosing the topics that interest you most Follow your favourite columnists, series or sports teams to get personalised notifications And when you subscribe, you’ll unlock: Unlimited reading in the app, with no subscription messages Ad-free, so your experience is uninterrupted Offline reading – download articles to explore on the go What’s more, subscribing to our news app is a great way to show your support for fearless, independent Guardian journalism. As a reader-funded news organisation, we rely on your funding to power our future. Thank you. All content in the Guardian app is copyright Guardian News & Media 2023. All rights reserved. Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply when accessing content via the Guardian app. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: If you subscribe to the Guardian app, our subscription terms will also apply Your subscription will auto renew and you will be charged before the next renewal date unless you cancel.



  • 5
    От Petseri
    I love read and listen The Guardian. I think, the team of the newspaper is best of the best. For me this app is source of the news and the information about people and the world. Thank you!
  • 5
    От Andrey.dr
    You are doing a great job! Thank you for the open and clear information!
  • 5
    От Evi'c
    Good surprise for me that Guardian is may be read for free. Thanks for that!
  • 5
    От Свет@
    Thanks for this app! It’s great!
  • 3
    От Shamil 20
    Приложение хорошее жаль что приходится удалять из за отсутствия русского языка. ;(((
  • 5
    От Johnfromthewhiteriver
    this app's the reason I ended up getting a subscription
  • 5
    От Egor_Z
    Good app, timely updates, interesting articles
  • 5
    От tvppbob
    Improving my English using this app. Good reading. Great user experience. No bugs, no crashes and all that stuff.
  • 5
    От iketari
    Just perfect!
  • 4
    От Wltzzz
    I keep accidentally saving things I don't need for later. Adding for later by just keeping one's finger for two seconds on a spot on the screen is not how it should be. It's really really annoying, so one star off.
  • 4
    От 17299violetta
    Nice interface. Easy to use and simple to understand.
  • 5
    От Lil Mufugga
    It's pretty damn good actually. Can't even think of any flaw to point out
  • 1
    От Romannnn1
  • 4
    От Logic705
    Add the Russian language to the app, please
  • 5
    От Yulia Malakhova
    Good analytics and fast news thanks
  • 5
    От DainSlave
    I like it
  • 5
    От Swift1341
    Like really good.
  • 5
    От Karambos96
    Such a great app
  • 5
    От KPMaxwell
    A great news app with rapid uploading, nice "hot and urgent" news filter with a fitted translator
  • 5
    От EstarDF
    Great app that provides a convenient way to read the newspaper. I would only like it to have a wider cache-memory, that permitted the app begin not always with the home page
  • 5
    От AndyKönig
    It's very useful app, and if compare it with other, it is The Best of The Best.
  • 5
    От Марк19888
    Very nice and friendly app.
  • 5
    От DenManushko
    Спасибо !
  • 5
    От Роелкит
    Works great and always up to date. Thanks!
  • 5
    От Gooldi36
    It's really great app. I'm happy)
  • 5
    От Alishermd
    Fix please, asap
  • 1
    От Ts0071996
    Don't work with iPhone 5s
  • 4
    От Igor Kozin
    Unfortunately, this version of the application failed on my iPhone 6, iOS is 9.0.3. Firstly, it could not start up. Then it cannot download upgrade.
  • 5
    От Djwindel
    I like because it's exactly what I need from this type of apps - to read news:)
  • 5
    От KosmosCat
    I do love reading The Guardian. It's easier with the mobile app.
  • 5
    От Борнхайм
  • 5
    От TeeMon78
    Очень информативно
  • 5
    От Valerie4599
    App is quite good, overwhelming picture of all news in convenient form
  • 5
    От egor.sinitcin
    Very comfortable to read and to use ...
  • 5
    От Mr White j.
    A great way to get news and analysis.
  • 5
    От !Ant1hero!
    Easy-going friendly soft, i've been waiting for it since ages ago!
  • 5
    От Algreek
    Highly recommended !